30 NBA stories: Michael Beasley, the phenomenon without redemption

30 NBA stories: Michael Beasley, the phenomenon without redemption

30 NBA stories: Michael Beasley, the phenomenon without redemption


Michael Beasley, the phenomenon without redemption

"I think we were 11 years old when we met," says Kevin Durant, "I played in a team and the uncle who organized everything brought Mike one day to train with us; it was horrible".Thus recalls Durant the first time he saw him, a training in which although the potential of that stretched boy was seen nothing as he wanted.The coach sent him home and he, angry, took the pizza that the players had been keeping after the session.The first impressions are never forgotten and Durant's with Michael Beasley is one of those that you know you will count again and again in the future.

Both players shared team and Beasley followed the path of their friend Kevin in their shared dream of reaching the NBA.Both KD and Beasley played at Oak Hill Academy in their Junior year.The two changed High School in their last year and their names were the first to talk about future stars.The coincidences do not end there and that both were appointed MVP of the McDonald's All-American Game, they made the leap to College and won the Fresman of the Year award at their conference.And most importantly, both Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley enrolled in the Draft after a single year of university with expectations of being chosen in first position.

KD and MB

A pause adolescence

Michael Paul Beasley JR. nació un 9 de enero de 1989 en Chevelry, Maryland, aunque se mudó en numerosas ocasiones durante su infancia junto a su madre y sus cuatro hermanos, siempre buscando una vida mejor.The absence of a father figure made his mother, Fatima Smith, had to take care of the five and change life constantly to be able to maintain them.The first team of the young Michael was the PG Jaguars, a American AAU set in which Beasley played with Kevin Durant and Chris Bravell.Several national titles and numerous successes at the regional level of some jaguars that are considered one of the best young teams in history in America.

Durant remembers those years with much love."Although he stole our food, the coach invited him again and from that moment we were all attracted to Mike," recalls the current NBA champion.Beasley became the team's joke and although at first he did not play much was gaining weight inside the locker room.A match came where the Jaguars played the national title in a triple extension and Beasley ended the meeting with more than 20 points and 20 rebounds.After that day, Beasley was unstoppable.He and Durant practically lived together: Michael's mother left him at the Durant's house at 6:30 am and spent the day with each other so they became inseparable.



Despite all this, Michael Beasley's journey in High School was no rose path.The player attended six different schools in just four years.Every time he settled in a new team, the institution decided to expel him for his bad behavior and for Beasley meant looking for a new destination.In Oak Hill Academy he seemed to have succeeded but again his joking spirit brought between him and his career.In Oak Hill he met Ty Lawson, former NBA player, and both played to see who managed to sign more times with his name throughout the campus.The names of Lawson and Beasley filled the banks, walls and sources of the school and the repeat offender Michael was given a last chance if he did not want to see himself;The next day the director woke up with the name of our protagonist written in his truck.

In Notre Give me things were better.Although the conditions were not optimal, Beasley understood that to achieve his goals he had to focus.For him High School was only one procedure and in Notre Dame it had two objectives: to help the Balocnest University.Beyond these things, the rest gave him the same and Beasley focused on basketball to average 28 points and 16 rebounds per game in his senior season.

30 Historias NBA: Michael Beasley, el fenómeno sin redención

In 2007 he played the McDonald's All-American Game that faces the best players in the American continent in which he won the MVP award as a year before his brother Kevin Durant had made.After finishing the season, the specialized rival portal.com named Beasley as the best player of his litter for the NCAA.Michael decided to commit to Kansas State in 2007 with very clear ideas: Kansas was only a single -year bridge to make his jump to the NBA.

College for history


The Michael Beasley season in Kansas State was one of those left for the history of the story.The Wildcats Forward accumulates up to 30 historical brands with the University of Kansas after their only year with them and that Beasley arrived at the NCAA as a gale and put the league legs above in a single season.With 26 points and 12.4 rebounds (maximum of all of the United States) by meeting, Beasley led the Wildcats to a 10-6 record in the conference calendar that allowed them to reach March Madness as Seed 11 of the tournament.

Throughout the year Michael got a total of 28 double-doubles, snatching the previous record from Carmelo Anthony that had accumulated 22 in his only season in Syracuse.Its shooting percentages (53% in field shots and almost 40% in triple launches) made it considered an unstoppable machine to score and obtained the awards of numerous players and coaches of the NCAA.In Madness, Kansas State managed.

That year Beasley was appointed National Freshman of the Year by diverse magazines and associations, in addition to finishing a finalist at the Naismith Player of the Year award, all unpublished achievements in the history of his university program.At the end of the season and to anyone's surprise, Beasley announced his intention to appear at the NBA Draft, an event for which many projected him as the first election of that year.


the debacle and redemption

Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley had spoken during that year about the possibility that B-eas and endedcould choose from the first positions.Draft night, Beasley's name was the second to leave, only behind Derrick Rose who went to Chicago.Beasley was selected by Miami Heat and the Durant team ended up choosing Russell Westbrook in fourth position;The rest is history.

But Michael Beasley's story in the NBA just started.A story that would be full of "casis" and disappointments.Before even starting his Rookie season, the first scandal arrived: Beasley was expelled from the rookie introduction program organized by the NBA every year by an incident at the hotel in relation to women and cannabis.The Summer League turned out to be a breath of fresh air for the brand new pick 2 of the draft.Beasley debuted with 28 points and 9 rebounds and showing all his potential and before finishing his first month in the league, Michael had already passed the 25 -point barrier in an official match.

The Heat fell in the first round of playoff that season and Beasley finished the year averaging 15 points and more than 6 rebounds per night in a team that travel between the ring achieved in 2006 and a short reconstruction phase.Despite this, the Heat announced that both Beasley and their partner Mario Chalmers, also Rookie, had been fined on numerous occasions throughout the year due to small failures of conduct and that although it was not serious, the problem was reiteration.


Beasley's second season in the NBA and in Miami was similar to the first.The Maryland player managed.His stockings remained similar to those of his rookie year but the true surprise of the season was still coming.In a surprising movement Miami was done with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, in addition to renewing Dywane Wade.This caused Miami to release salary space and Beasley left the Heat in the direction of Minnesot.

In the Timberwolves he got the freedom that was missing in Miami and and ended the year as one of the 20 best scores of the NBA, according to the League itself.19 points per game and a maximum of 42 points annotation to remind the Beasley that had put the NCAA legs above.Despite this their figures fell considerably in the 2011-2012 season and so did its weight inside the Wolves squad.It seemed that Beasley did not count so much for his coach and on July 20, 2012, after finishing the regular Season Beasley signed with the Phoenix Suns a contract of 18 million dollars in 3 years.


After a discreet season with the Suns, the Phoenix franchise decided to unsubscribe its contract after a Beasley incident for which he was arrested with charges of marijuana possession.It was not the first time that Beasley had drugs related to drugs and Suns did not tremble their pulse when it came to the ex-wildcat.At that time the Michael Beasley debacle began: a second stage in the Heat, with arrival at the NBA finals included and finally the decision to leave to the Chinese CBA.On September 25, 2014 Beasley signed with the Shanghai Sharks for a season, a year in which he averaged 29 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists per meeting.

After the oriental Beasley adventure he returned to the NBA for a third chance with Miami, a stage that lasted just over 3 months before the Heat rejected to assume their renewal option.Michael decided to put China again, this time to the Shandong Golden Stars and continue working to show that he still deserved to have a hole in the best league in the world.In China he won the MVP to the best foreigner in the league averaging 32 points, 13 rebounds and almost 4 assists in his 40 sets played, being also the protagonist of the All-Star of the Chinese CBA.


The Tour to the United States brought a new face of Michael.It seemed that the eternal promise had finished focusing.The one that years ago was considered the best prospect in the country, causing some media to even consider if it was worth tankear for Beasley, now sought his nth opportunity to redemption in the Houston Rockets.He signed with the Tejana franchise until the end of the season and later, in September 2016, the Bucks shirt was covered in a new attempt to confirm his return.Despite the various injuries of that season, Beasley left some games as a sample of talent that remained latent - although often sleeping - inside.

On August 8, 2017 Michael Beasley accepted the offer of the New York Knicks, a franchise in which he currently plays.With those of NYC he has turned back to many fans, attesting to a quality that for many seemed forgotten.His star performances throughout this season, often thanks to the casualties of Porzingis, are clear proof that what failed were not the predictions, but their head."I have matured, I have children now, responsibilities.I do not regret what it was before, but now I am different, "said Beasley in an interview in December.Without a doubt, the NBA has welcomed Beasley again and with just 29 years, Michael still has rope in the best league in the world.

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