Dermaliq Therapeutics signs a 15 million dollars series A (2)

Dermaliq Therapeutics signs a 15 million dollars series A (2)

Dermaliq Therapeutics signs a 15 million dollars series A (2)

-Dermaliq Therapeutics signs a series A of US 15 million dollars to advance the clinical trials of three transformative pharmacological therapies

- Dermaliq Therapeutics, INC.It is an independent private pharmaceutical company that emerged from Novaliq

- Screen to unlock the value in the space of medical dermatology through the use of Novaliq's transforming technology of eye care

- 3E Capital Biovents and Beijing Whale Technology Corporation LTD are joined as new investors

- Revenue will be used for three phase 1/2a clinical development programs in dermatology

Wilmington, of., January 18, 2022 / PRNewswire / - Novaliq GmbH, 3E Biovents Capital and Beijing Whale Technology Corporation LTD.Today announced the creation of Dermaliq Therapeutics, INC (Dermaliq), a pharmaceutical development company based in Delaware recently created, and the signing of a series A financing round of 15 million dollars of 15 million dollars.3E Capital Biovents, one of the main international investors in Life Sciences, has led the round and has joined Beijing Whale Technology Corporation LTD.Novaliq, current Shareholder of Dermaliq, has transferred and graduated to Dermaliq the intellectual property (Pi) related to the field of dermatology.

Skin diseases are the fourth cause of non -mortal disease load throughout the world, which underlines the role of dermatology in the growing field of global health.Cutaneous conditions have a significant impact on well -being, mental health and social participation of patients.Although the topical and local administration of active ingredients in sick skin is the preferred treatment by most patients, current therapies often lack a satisfactory penetration in the skin and the fulfillment of patients.

Dermaliq is developing the next generation of skin care therapies in order to improve penetration directed in skin tissues and reduce unwanted side effects for millions of patients.The unique and patented technology that Dermaliq now has, called Hyliq ™, is designed to allow drug cutaneous administration with unique bioavailability.Technology allows the development of higher and highly effective liquid pharmaceutical products with exceptional cosmetic properties.

The income will be used to carry out three clinical programs of phase 1/2A dermatology with the aim of demonstrating safety and efficacy and making this new category of drugs for skin care to the market to improve the life ofMillions of patients:

Dermaliq Therapeutics firma una ronda de serie A de 15 millones de dólares (2)

The company has demonstrated the principle of the improved topical administration of drugs with Hyliq ™ in non -clinical models for the three applications.

"We are delighted that 3e Biovents Capital and Beijing Whale Technology Corporation have committed to support Dermaliq as new investors in the series A round," said Dr.. Frank Löscher, CEO of Dermaliq.Our Novaliq split and the collection of significant funds gives us the opportunity to build a leading specialized pharmaceutical company and expand the application of the Transforming Technology of Novaliq drug administration in dermatology ".

"3e undertakes in investing in leading companies in life sciences and biomedical."Dermaliq uses a unique and scientifically solid technology to achieve high efficiency in drug administration through the skin.Technology is already proven in ophthalmology and is very promising for dermatology.We will be happy to explore other drug projects in China and establish synergies with Dermaliq in preclinical and clinical development."

"Whatle Technology values the solid scientific base of the Hyliq ™ technological platform, owned by Dermaliq," said Ming Gao, founder and CEO of Whale Technology Co.LTD."The Dermaliq founding team demonstrates a great combination of science, clinical experience and marketing force.We see a great potential of the Dermaliq products portfolio in the field of dermatology after the demonstrated clinical and commercial success of Novaliq in ophthalmology."

"Dermatology is the next logical step in the use of Novaliq's patented technology platform out of eye care," said Dr.. Christian Roesky, CEO of Novaliq."The split in an independent company allows Dermaliq to greatly benefit from our ophthalmology experience, while fully committing to the multiple products development activities in dermatology, and it is likely that it will extend its product portfolio even moreOther skin conditions."

To reflect the new shareholding structure, Karen Liu of 3E Biovents Capital will join the Dermaliq Board of Directors.Dr.. Löscher has also ceased to be the director of Novaliq technology to direct Dermaliq as his CEO and president.

About Dermaliq:

Dermaliq Therapeutics, Inc.It is a private company founded in 2021 through a Novaliq split to reimagine topical dermatology.The company is constituted in Wilmington (DE), United States, under the law of Delaware.The company has signed a 15 million serial round round to advance three transformative pharmacological therapies for skin care through clinical trials. Los principales accionistas son Novaliq GmbH, 3E Bioventures Capital y Beijing Whale Technology CorporationLTD.

About 3e Biovents Capital:

3E Capital Bioventures is a venture capital company in the field of health, dedicated to investing in biomedical technologies and vanguard life sciences, with special attention to first -class therapies and interdisciplinary innovations disruptive in medical and diagnostic devices.3E Biovents adopts an investment philosophy oriented to science and entrepreneurs, closely collaborating with companies and research institutions in the development of medicines or products with strong non -covered medical needs.With offices in Beijing, Shanghai and the area of the San Francisco Bay, 3e Bioventures takes advantage of their experience, their capabilities and their network to help companies take advantage of the markets and resources of the entire Pacific and advance more quickly and efficiently and efficiencyof capital.The motto of 3e Biovents Capital is embodied in its name 3e: experience, efficiency, execution.

Acerca de Beijing Whale Technology CorporationLTD.:

Beijing Whale Technology CorporationLTD.It is a pharmaceutical group based in China committed to long -term sustainable development in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy and aesthetics.With more than 20 years of history, Whale Tech.has developed two main business units.On the one hand, Whale Pharmaceutical Co.LTD., Whatle chemistry co.LTD.AND WHOLE PHARMECH CO.LTD.They are grouped as a pharmaceutical and chemical business unit.On the other hand, Whale Biotech is a biotechnology company in research phase focused on the development of aesthetics products.

About Novaliq:

Novaliq is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and marketing of first and best class -based eye therapies based on Eyesol®, the world's world's world drop -out technology without water without.Novaliq offers a leading industry portfolio that addresses current medical needs not covered by millions of patients with eye diseases.Novaliq GmbH is based in Heidelberg, Germany and Novaliq Inc.has an office in Cambridge, Ma, EE.UU. El accionista a largo plazo es dievini Hopp BioTech holding GmbH & Co.Kg, an active investor in life and health science companies.

Logo -

For more information, contact: Dermaliq Therapeutics Inc.Dr.. Frank LöscherConsejero delegado 6221 50259-272

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