Cream deodorants: say goodbye to sweat while protecting the environment

Cream deodorants: say goodbye to sweat while protecting the environment

Cream deodorants: say goodbye to sweat while protecting the environment

You have to go back to the 19th century to see the birth of a product that today is part of our daily grooming routine. The deodorant then began to be marketed in the North American city of Philadelphia, and from there it soon made the leap to the rest of the world.


Sweating is a physiological function that fulfills the task of eliminating waste substances and toxins from our body, maintaining the pH of the body surface, allowing the stratum corneum of our skin to remain hydrated and regulating our body temperature.

Sweat is therefore essential. What we can do without is the odor that forms on contact with body bacteria and that can become unpleasant to the sense of smell. To solve this problem, deodorants were invented.

Currently there are those that simply eliminate the smell and those that act by reducing the amount of sweat, that is, antiperspirants.


As for its formulation and application mode, there are spray, roll on, stick or cream. The latter have been among the least used, but this trend is changing. The reason is that, according to dermatologists, they are better for underarm skin care, since they do not contain alcohol.

For this reason, cream deodorants are best for people with sensitive skin. In addition, in its manufacture greenhouse gases are not emitted, something remarkable for those most concerned about the planet, and it has other advantages such as the discretion and comfort of carrying, for example, to travel, so it can be used in any place.


The correct application of the cream deodorant guarantees a better result. To get the most out of your cream deodorant and not leave you in the middle of the day, it is essential to apply it to a completely clean and dry armpit. Do it with the fingertips and with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

Here are some of the best received among users of this type of deodorant.


It is the best-selling cream deodorant on Amazon; there must be a reason. From the Lancaster brand, Eau de Lancaster is a deodorant for men and women that is sold in a 125 ml tube. Especially suitable for sensitive skin.

Desodorantes en crema: di adiós al sudor mientras proteges el medio ambiente

Buy it here for 7.95 euros (72% discount).


There are antiperspirants and those that are simply deodorants. The one from I+m Naturkosmetik Berlin is of this second type. It is a cream deodorant that protects against unwanted odors for many hours without impairing the function of the skin that regulates sweat.

Gently but effectively deodorizes with a composition of zinc, baking soda and coconut. Contains no alcohol, aluminum or alum. The fresh fruit fragrance container is 30 ml. and there are also other varieties such as grapefruit, energetic with spices or extra strong.

In addition, it has a climate neutrality certificate that verifies that the carbon footprint of the product has been calculated and reduced and the remaining emissions have been offset.

Buy it here for 14.95 euros.


Some deodorants are able to decrease the amount of sweat.; They are known as antiperspirants. They are composed of ingredients such as aluminum salts, which also have antimicrobial action. And about the doubts of possible harmful effects on health, the National Cancer Institute has stated that there is no evidence.

The Nivea Deo is a cream deodorant for women in a 75 ml container. and antiperspirant. It has a fresh and long-lasting aroma. It is dermatologically tested and offers good protection for everyday activities.

Buy it here for 5.77 euros.


Dermatologists believe that to ensure that a deodorant does not irritate or damage the skin, we must read the label. It should not contain: aluminum hydrochloride or certain preservatives such as parabens. It is also advisable not to stain the skin.

This cream deodorant from Vichy laboratories is indicated for sensitive or depilated skin. It is a 40 ml tube, which offers protection for 24 hours.

Buy it here for 8.61 euros.


Cream deodorants need to be applied like a body lotion, so they need a little more time to spread well and absorb. But in return they are an especially good option for dry skin. BioTherm has its Pure déo crème, which is unisex, in a 75 ml container.

Buy it here for 13.45 euros.

city ​​cocoon

Natural deodorants rid our skin of sweat without damaging it, although their effectiveness in some cases may be reduced. e City Cocoon Pure Natural Deodorant Balm is free of aluminium, parabens and plastics.

Fragrance-free, it neutralizes odor for 24 hours, in addition to providing a feeling of freshness with its natural antibacterial action. Made in the EU, it is completely absorbed and does not leave stains on clothes. Also available with scents.

Buy it here for 9.72 euros.


Some cream deodorants may be easier to apply as they come in a solidified container. This is the case of Rexona Confidence antiperspirant cream. Its TriSolid formula is endorsed by experts and provides up to 48 hours of effective protection against sweat. It comes in a 45 ml stick.

Buy it here for 3.9 euros.


Although perhaps the cream format is currently the least widespread, because its application is a little more manual than that of the other formats, this is changing. And the big international perfume brands also have cream deodorants.

This is the case of Lancome, which has the Bocage Déo Crema Onctueuse Douceur in a 50 ml container. It has an aroma and the base of its composition is characterized by containing water.

Buy it here for 23.2 euros.


Among the natural deodorants without aluminum is this one from the Casida brand. It is vegetable with natural oils and offers safe protection against body odour. It is 100% vegan and contains coconut oil, rice starch powder, baking soda, zinc oxide, frankincense and tea tree oil, which have an antibacterial and odor neutralizing effect.

In addition, it contains coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E to better care for sensitive skin and even after shaving, they also care for sensitive skin even after shaving without burning. It has citrus and lavender aroma, and the container is 50 ml.

Buy it here for 11.95 euros.


All deodorants that are officially marketed in Spain must have the CE label, to ensure that none of their ingredients is going to be potentially harmful. Those that are in cream also guarantee that they do not prevent the skin from drying out anymore. that do not contain alcohol, and can be used in larger areas and in specific areas with excessive sweating problems, such as the face, the neck or the torso.

SVR brand Spirial deodorant is unisex for adults. It is an antiperspirant, and like all the cream ones, it should be applied to perfectly dry and clean skin, massaging gently with the fingertips until completely absorbed. The tube is 30 grams.

Buy it here for 10.2 euros.

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