The 1x1 of the 'discarded' players of Barça and their possible destinations in January

The 1x1 of the 'discarded' players of Barça and their possible destinations in January

The 1x1 of the 'discarded' players of Barça and their possible destinations in January

The "Sell to sign" sounds in the background for FC Barcelona at all times.The Barca ones are aware that it will be key to give a few players during the winter signing market (or in summer) to be able to lighten the salary mass and, ultimately, have 'Fair Play' to be ableThey can get to Camp Nou.This is a real challenge, put in January it is very difficult to 'get rid of the' Descartes' of the team.

However, from Barca offices they are obliged to put 101% effort to achieve thorough cleaning in the locker room.They have to be a few so that, for example, Barça can specify the transfer of Ferran Torres from Manchester City.The soccer director, Mateu Alemany, confirmed it a few days ago: “There are many duties, but immediately do‘ Fair Play ’, you have to make exits before they enter.We are very clear about the players we want, but before we have to meet the ‘Fair-Play’ Financiero ”.

In this scenario it is asked: will Barça announce Ferran Torres before releasing salary mass?Can your transfer 'truncate' if there are no exits?There are many questions, but at the moment in the club they recognize that there are problems of 'Fair Play', a truth that sometimes 'hides' among so many rumors of signings, but that it is reality and forces the culés to 'get rid of'of too many players in January.

It will only see if they are able to do it, but the situation paints to be complicated.In any case, from 'Sport' they have revealed the list of nine players who could leave the city of Condal: Sergiño Dest, Luuk de Jong, Clément Lenglet, Samuel Umtiti, Philippe Coutinho, Yusuf Demir, Òscar Mingueza, Neto or Iñaki Peña.Next, we review your situations:

Sergiño Dest

The United States International in early 2021 appeared as one of the 'jewels' of Barça de Koeman, but has sinned of irregularity.His performance has been questioned and Xavi Hernández does not take it into account among his plans.He has not felt comfortable on the right side, but either as an extreme ... and that is a big problem.In any case, his dream is to continue wearing Barça and he would not intend to leave.

There are several clubs that have shown interest, but Bayern Munich and Chelsea lead the list, especially a 'Blue' team that would be willing to put up to 35 million euros on the table to get the services of Sergiño Dest.It must also be remembered that the transfer of him from Ajax in 2020 was a disbursement of about 26 'kilos' (21 + 5 in variables).In this season, 16 million remained to amortize.

Luuk de Jong

El 1x1 de los jugadores 'descartados' del Barça y sus posibles destinos en enero

The Dutch arrived in the city as a loan from Sevilla at the limit of the winter signing market.He has not surrendered or fulfilled expectations, and they were few upon his arrival ... It was a request from Ronald Koeman, but not even with him with Xavi Hernández has been important.It is a 'mandatory' exit despite the fact that the file is paid by the Andalusian team.

The problem is that Sevilla does not intend to receive Luuk from Jong in January, so Barça must get a destination shortly.The Inter Milan had sounded (with the exchange of Alexis Sánchez) but was ruled out.Now, Juventus would be interested or clubs in Turkey.

Clément Lenglet

With the international with France there are doubts, but if Barça can 'get rid of it in January, he will.Lenglet has been used by Xavi in some matches and has fulfilled.He is less 'Fallón' than last season, but seems like an exit that Barça would like to make.However, the player has made it clear that he is very comfortable at Camp Nou and has no intention of leaving.

In England they have shown interest in him, but they have not arrived in particular.Antonio Conte's Tottenham is one of the clubs that would be following his situation, but for now there is nothing serious.Xavi, according to 'Sport', would prefer that Umtiti came out before him, position he considers that it can be an important wild card for Barça.

Samuel Umtiti

In the case of Umtiti, Barça 'despair'.He has only played a game (against Real Betis) throughout the season and is not a footballer who, precisely, fell in love to Xavi Hernández or the sports management.To that, we must add that he is one of the most charged in the template.In summer the Barca ones sought the departure of him, but he ended up staying despite being aware that his opportunities to play were going to be minimal.

There were no team for months that I would like to get their services and now either.At the time, it was commented that Lyon's Olympique would be willing to make a space in his template ... but everything was there.In any case, Umtiti would have to make a 'sacrifice' and lower him, from about 16 million gross, to find an exit.

Philippe Coutinho

The story of never power.Barça has been trying to sell Coutinho for a long time without effectiveness.It begins to be a headache for managers, who trusted that this was going to be the season in which the Brazilian was going to 'take off' as culé.Mistake.As soon as he participates in the game and, when he does, the contribution is minimal.He is also the player who charges the most in the squad, entering around 24 'kilos' per season.

The problem is to find a team that can pay your file and that you are interested in it.Counting this season, there are still 40 million to amortize and it is something that Barça has to take into account to avoid losses.Arsenal or Everton has sounded as possible destinations, but it remains to wait if they can 'maintain' their file or pay their transfer.

Yusuf Demir

Barcelona communicated the Austrian footballer that he had to look for a new team.He is ceded in the Barca team until the end of the season, but Barça will break the loan in January.They do not want to pay the purchase option of 10 million euros that would be effective if the footballer adds 10 games and right now adds nine.

Everything seems to indicate that he will leave German football.Borussia Dortmund, Eintracht and Bayer Leverkusen are some of the teams that have been following him for some time.In this sense, the rights of the player will be a hundred percent of Vienna's rapid and Barça will release a square in the locker room.

Òscar Mingueza

The canterano has been 'pointed out' this season, although during the past year it served as 'turns off fires' for Barça.His main reason has been that he has not played in his natural position, which is that of Central.Before the casualties of Sergi Roberto or Sergiño Dest, he has left from the right side, where he has starred a few 'humiliations' that have not gone unnoticed by Xavi and company.He has also played on the left and has been even worse.

The culé picture, according to 'Sport' does not see him as an imminent exit, but as an option in case other defenders, such as Lenglet or Umtiti, decide not to leave.Some clubs would have asked about a possibility of assignment, although nothing has been completed.


The Brazilian goalkeeper wants to leave Camp Nou.He knows that, although Marc-André Ter Stegen is at a very negative moment, he lives under his shadow.In Barça it is unlikely that Net has opportunities and that is why he would be looking for a way out of winter.Telling this course, he is still pending a amortization of 17.5 million euros.

There are not many clubs interested in their transfer.In fact, for now there has been an approach in Europe, but since Brazil.It only remains to be seen in the conditions in which it could leave so that there are capital gains, something that at the moment seems impossible for Barça.

Iñaki Peña

Finally, there is Iñaki Peña.He does not have a file of the first team, but is practically in all the calls of the box led by Xavi.Barça does not have him and would seek to free himself in the winter market.LaLiga Santander and SmartBank teams are attentive to his situation and could ask for a transfer soon.

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