Sweets, jewelry, art and stationery: three SMEs led by women with offers for Christmas

Sweets, jewelry, art and stationery: three SMEs led by women with offers for Christmas

Sweets, jewelry, art and stationery: three SMEs led by women with offers for Christmas

On November 19, the Ministry of Economy, Promotion and Tourism, together with the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity and Cadem, presented the results of a study where more than 1 participated.600 women from all regions of the country, between 25 and 55 years.In the instance it was stated that 60% of women who currently do not have a venture, deClare a lot or much interest in undertaking, a figure that represents an increase of 18% compared to a year ago.In addition, 86% of surveyed women believe that in the future there will be more entrepreneurs.

These are figures that complement those already exhibited during the last time, where women are more protagonists in the world of SMEs.

Here we present three entrepreneurs from different regions, who design and create their products, and that can be ideal as an option to give this Christmas.


This venture that is in the city of San Fernando, was born in July 2020, when Pía Aranda, thanks to the advice and support of his family and friends, decided to transform what was once a hobby, into a business.

"I started selling a hand -painted pages brand with watercolor, small acrylic and watercolor paintings.Later I could get materials to start with digital art, which opened a whole world, since it is more versatile to create different products with my illustrations, "said the entrepreneur.

In "Artopía" they mainly offer art and stationery products designed by Pía.From notebooks, planners and notes, to fabric bags and chapitas.Pía specified that the products "are handmade with love".And they aim that people can be inspired and planned in a better way.

Among its outstanding items are white and black leave notebooks, whose value varies between $ 5.700 to $ 6.500, depending on the amount of leaves.There are also weekly, monthly or daily planners, with values from $ 4.500 to $ 5.500.

Aranda also commented that for Christmas they ask a lot of calendars with lectern, which offers with personalized design and own illustrations.Each of the twelve sheets has a different photo/illustration and you can also add a wood carrier to hold the sheets.The value of the calendar only with sheets is $ 4.000, and the sheets and the wood lectern is $ 5.500.

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This SME performs offices within San Fernando and also shipments throughout Chile.In addition, for more information and specifications of the products, you can contact it through the Instagram @Artypia.Cl, write to your email contact@artypus.CL, and visit your website www.Artypia.Cl.

Ruiz de la Parra

Although this venture formally began in April 2019, Nicole Ruiz, its founder and who lives in the city of Viña del Mar, comments that from a very young age he observed his grandfather to work in his electric workshop, whom he always had as an example.And at age five he received his "first jewel" from his mother, made with a copper wire and a pliers.Moments that marked her and that were fundamental when deciding to undertake.

After starting industrial design, he carried out a goldsmith course and began selling artiCles to family and friends.He also participated in some independent design fairs in 2009.All fans, until the middle of 2019, when he decided to devote himself to this item.

"Ruiz de la Parra" surge como una apuesta de acercar el diseño exClusivo y contemporáneo de joyería de autor a las personas y darles mayor acceso a este tipo de productos. Esto, mediante la incorporación de materiales no tradicionales y de bajo costo, como aluminio, plástico reciClado y cristales, en conjunto con el desarrollo de técnicas híbridas de confección.

Among the products you can find in "Ruiz de la Parra", for this Christmas the "rings Florence" stand out, which represent the floral forms of nature.Hybrid preparation rings, between aluminum and embroidery in crystals, are characterized by their wealth in colors and extreme lightness.Its price varies between $ 25,000, for small size, $ 30 thousand for medium, and $ 42 thousand for the large size.

This entrepreneurship performs offices "to all of Chile and the world".In addition, you can see and give away any of its creations on your Instagram @Ruizdelaparra, or on your www page.Ruizdelaparra.Cl.

Sofia Iturralde Dulceía

Sofia Iturralde created her entrepreneurship in March 2020, and explained that the idea was born thanks to her eternal curiosity to try different Chilean flavors and elaborate daring and innovative combinations.But also due to the search to generate emotions and evoke memories through bakery.

This entrepreneurial mother left eagerly in the kitchen of her department in the Ñuñoa commune, next to a pot, three molds, a seven -month -old spatula and daughter.And he comments that he was so successful, that the kitchen was small.

Anyway in December of that same year with his family they went to live in the city of La Serena, looking for a better quality of life.And it was in the Coquimbo region where he officially founded his workshop.

"After a year of a lot of work, organization and perseverance, I have an assistant and the business is growing exponentially.Also in September 2021 I managed to fulfill my greatest dream, to transfer all my knowledge through courses and workshops for the community.And we already have the professional course of Calugas Level I, on the www page.Sofiaiturralde.Cl.And next year we hope to release three more courses, "said Sofia.

The star product of this entrepreneurship is the lounts, which have in 16 different and original flavors, with vegan options, gluten -free, lactose.And since January 2022, it will offer sugar calutes, suitable for diabetics.In addition, they have different chocolates, nougat and chocolates.

Specially for Christmas, Sofía Iturralde Dulceía created ten new types of lounts, along with other sweets inspired by Christmas flavors and smells.Sales formats will be in boxes of three different sizes, thinking of different budgets.The values vary from $ 6 thousand to $ 30,000.

En esta tienda online, el packaging es 100% reciClable y compran gran parte de la materia prima a productores locales y nacionales.They dispatch in the city of La Serena and Coquimbo every day and for the rest of the country on Tuesday.

If you want to know and buy any of your products visit your Instagram @Sofia.patrychef, o su página Sofiaiturralde.Cl.

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