Who is Jeffree Star and the other Male Beauty influencers most famous of the moment

Who is Jeffree Star and the other Male Beauty influencers most famous of the moment

Who is Jeffree Star and the other Male Beauty influencers most famous of the moment

The gossip that dominated last week the headlines of all entertainment sites in the world was confirmation-given that it was already expected news-from the next divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.Much has been speculated on the reasons, citing the deterioration of the mental health of the rapper and his disastrous "campaign" for the presidency of the United States, as well as his little disposition to adapt to the Kardashian lifestyle, as the most likely.

However, a few hours later, a really crazy theory emerged: Kanye West would be having an affair with Jeffree Star, a beauty influencer.Star denied her saying that "high men like" and Kanye hasn't even dignified to comment on the matter, let's not say Kim anymore.

But who is this character?Jeffree is one of those known as "Beauty Boys", guys who challenge traditional gender rules and make up a very professional way, also creating beauty and makeup tutorials through their social media accounts, especially on YouTube and Instagram.Some of them have managed to be followed even by millions of fans, achieving fame and fortune.Star, for example, launched a very successful makeup line.

Thus, Jeffree is not the only successful Beauty Boy, do you want to meet others?

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Jeffree Star last week, Jeffree Star monopolized the headlines of the international press after being pointed out as the possible responsible for the divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, after it became known, through a series of rumors that spread rapidlyThrough Tiktok, Twitter and other networks, which supposedly maintains a relationship with the rap singer.

The makeup artist came out to deny this information and humorous, through his YouTube profile, he categorically denied a relationship with Kanye West by ensuring that he likes high men, referring to the short stature of the singer.

For many, the name of Jeffree Star is totally unknown, but in reality it is an important male businessman and influencer specialized in makeup, who went from the pioneers to use social networks as showcase to share their contents.Currently, his fortune amounts to more than 50 million dollars.#Omg

Jeffree's beginnings in the virtual world are given in 2006, when he decided to open his own profile in the almost forgotten Myspace platform, where ‘he climbed’ music and songs of his authorship.Then he moved to YouTube where he decided to share beauty tutorials.

Quién es Jeffree Star y los otros male beauty influencers más famosos del momento

As the years passed, the clicks, their popularity and bank account increased, since Jeffree managed.He currently has more than 7 million followers on Twitter;3,013,309 on Facebook;More than 14 million on Instagram and almost 17 million on YouTube.

James Charles

With just 21 years, James Charles Dickenson is an internet celebrity.Originally from New York, this young man reached fame after opening his profile on Instagram and sharing makeup tutorials.It was such an acceptance that he achieved, at the age of 17, in 2016, to sign a contract with Cover Girl, becoming the first man to be signed by the cosmetics mark as his ambassador and what earned him to make up to make upKaty Perry, another of the firm's ambassadors.

In addition to Instagram, where it has 26 million followers, it has its own YouTube channel, with 25.1 million subscribers, a platform where it shared a beauty session with Kylie Jenner, whom he made up in a tutorial in 2018, being oneof the most seen videos in your profile.

Last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, in April, he launched his own reality show called Instant influencer, in which six young aspiring youtubers participated who competed for a prize of 50 thousand dollars and a collaboration with James himself.During this first edition there was participation as a jury of Paris Hilton and Drag Queen Trixie Mattel, among other personalities.

Manny Gutierrez

Originally from San Diego, California, Manny Gutierrez, also known as Manny Mua, is a youtuber who started his career in 2014, after sharing videos about cosmetics lines, makeup and tutorial reviews.

Less than a year after having launched his own channel, he managed to get more than 235 thousand subscribers in his profile, so he immediately became a network celebrity.

His original work and great acceptance among the youth audience earned him to be signed, in 2017, by Maybelline as the first male ambassador of the brand.

His professionalism and popularity earned him in 2018 to be invited by Kim Kardashian to the KKW Beauty event, during the launch of the eye shadow palette that she launched in collaboration with makeup artist Mario Devivanovic, positioning himself as an authority in the cosmetic world.

Currently, it has 4.1 million followers on Instagram and 4.87 million on YouTube.Despite the makeup, it is easy to recognize it, since in much of its tutorials it appears with a beard.

Lewys Ball

Lewys Ball is an influencer originally from Scotland, who with only 21 years has become popular for the videos he shares, specialized in makeup.

His name on social networks is lookingforlewys, both on Twitter and on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.Although initially he specialized in cosmetic issues, he has also taken advantage of the space to talk about gossip, music and fashion, although his base has always been the beauty tutorials, which earned him to become only 17 years old, in 2017, in theFirst male ambassador to Rimmel London firm.

According to the brand itself, the choice of Lewys as one of its ambassadors responds to the fact that the network star represents the new values of the firm, in which everyone regardless of sex, age or sexual preference can enjoy using makeup, just as the influencer shares it day by day in their videos.

In 2016, Lewys was included in the ranking of the English newspaper "The Guardian" in "The Teen Power List", being considered one of the most talent and most propositive boys.

MAID reloc

Con apenas 15 años, MAID reloc es quizá uno de los influencers de belleza más jóvenes de la red.He started his career as YouTuber when he uploaded Internet videos about beauty tutorials where he taught how to use products or combine them.

From there he specialized and improving his technique to the point of becoming a reference of the network in terms of cosmetics.It is such a fame that has achieved, that he has been invited to programs such as Ellen Degeneres, who confessed that from a very young age he felt fascination with cosmetics and that he came to the makeup school, which caused several problems andsuffer from bullying.

In the same interview he confessed that he receives hundreds of questions daily from his audience and that he personally is the one who answers them with tutorials and advice to solve their doubts or concerns.

In 2019 he was signed by the W7 cosmetics brand in the United Kingdom for the Here Come The Boys campaign, in which he shares credits with other male personalities in the world of makeup such as Danny de Freitas, Toby Salvietto, Jamie Kyle and Harley Jeal, among others.

Patrick Starr

Patrick Starr es quizá uno de los influencers más populares y conocidos, pionero en compartir tutoriales de técnicas de maquillaje.Originally from Orlando, Florida, this young man of Filipino-American origin has conquered the audiences for their particular humor, way of dressing and style when makeup.

His popularity allowed him to collaborate in 2017 with the quoted brand M.A.C.Cosmetics, which stands out for excess bling-bling and was sold worldwide.After the success in sales, he repeated formula again and launched more collections with the cosmetic firm of Canadian origin, among which a capsule anthology for the Christmas season stands out.

In addition to remaining in force on social networks, he launched his own signature One Size, which is aimed at all audiences, regardless of sex, age, skin color or sexual preference.

Both on YouTube and Instagram currently has 4.4 million followers.

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