The 9 Best Eyeshadow Palettes

The 9 Best Eyeshadow Palettes

The 9 Best Eyeshadow Palettes

Whether you're looking for colorful makeup or want to look amazing for a special occasion, eyeshadow palettes are always a makeup essential. This is because without them your look will not look the same, it is for this reason that you should know which are the best and thus choose one that perfectly suits what you are looking for.

However, in the market you find a large number of different options, from neutral tones to other options with vibrant colors. However, no matter your style, you will need some good quality palettes and this is what we are going to talk about today.

So, if you want to attract attention and have a dazzling look, we invite you to continue reading so that you know the best options on the market.

What is the best eyeshadow palette?

Each one has their tastes and their favorite brand when choosing eye shadows, but without a doubt you can choose some of the best palettes in the world of makeup. Especially those that are most recommended when it comes to getting a simply unique makeup. For this reason, today I have carefully selected the 9 best that you will find and I bring them to you in this small analysis so that you can buy more easily.

These are the best eyeshadow palettes after our review:

1. HUDA BEAUTY Dusk Eyesshadow Palette

It is a palette of shadows inspired by the Middle East, and that has a total of 18 shades that will allow you to create an infinity of different looks. In any case, you will be able to have an intense look, and you will be able to achieve a great luminosity in your eyes. All shadows are rich in pigments and have a creamy touch, with shades that will make your makeup simply unique.

It is one of the most complete sets you can find, and there is no doubt that you will be able to achieve the look you are looking for. In any case, for its application it is recommended to use it with a brush to blur the pigments. It can also be applied directly on the eyelid with your finger so that you get an intense reflection. You will have a palette full of color that will allow you to unleash your imagination and put on makeup like a professional.

This palette of shadows has quite good opinions, within which they affirm that "they pigment quite well and are beautiful". They also claim that they "make your eyes really look like Popsicle Girl's." They have great quality and it is a palette that stands out for offering really unique tones to give you a more expressive look.

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2. NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Eyeshadow Palette

If you want a more neutral style in your eyes, there is no doubt that this palette will allow you to achieve everything you are looking for. This is because it has 16 high-performance eyeshadows that are ideal for both day and night use. You can have both matte and satin shadows, as well as shiny or metallic, so you can achieve a truly unique expression in your eyes.

You can create a wide variety of looks, and they have a great pigmentation, with soft and translucent tones or intense and opaque. Everything will depend on how you combine them so that you can increase their intensity and adherence. They are long-lasting professional palettes that blend very easily. It is recommended that when using metallic shades you moisten them a little to get a better finish.

It is a palette that has very good opinions from other women, stating that "they have spectacular pigmentation and a very successful selection of colors." They also state that they "pigment very well, and are perfect for professionals or to use at home." You can enjoy a wide variety of color options because you will have different options to choose from.

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3. ZOEVA Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette

It is a palette that offers simply unique shades, ranging from soft to caramel tones. This will allow you to have a perfect option for any occasion, and you will get everything you are looking for in a simple way. You can experiment with both matte and bright shades to achieve a varied and very marked daily makeup.

It is recommended to apply over the Eyeshadow Fix base on the clean eyelid so that you can achieve a better effect. In any case, you should let it dry and then apply the shadow color you prefer with the brush. You must blur slightly so that you can achieve a radiant look that will dazzle everyone. You can have a total of 10 different shades to choose from and thus you will be able to make all the combinations you want.

According to the opinions of those who have bought this model, they highlight that "it offers impeccable pigmentation with great duration". In addition, they emphasize that "it has a great quality, it does not fall and can be used even without primer". It is a model that stands out for offering a professional finish in your makeup and a very good pigmentation.

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4. Dior Eye Palette Eyeshadow Palette

This is a very pigmented palette, which also has a multi-texture so you can ensure that you have a unique finish on your makeup. Thanks to this palette you can create an infinity of different combinations that will go from the most natural to the most defined with a professional result. This is a behind-the-scenes inspired palette that brings together the basic shades used by professional makeup artists.

They are pigment-rich and buildable shadows that last a long time so you can achieve a unique finish. Depending on the intensity of the desired color, you can go from neutral tones to the most intense. You will have a total of 5 powders to use as shadows and a base primer that will reinforce the duration of the shadows.

The opinions about this model are quite positive stating that "they are shadows that blend perfectly". In addition, they affirm that "it is perfect for traveling because they weigh almost nothing and are ideal for day and night looks." This is a great option with a variety of successful colors and a very successful design.

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5. HUDA BEAUTY Rose Gold Palette Remastered Eyeshadow Palette

It is an eyeshadow palette that has a new version that contains the essentials of Huda, and that will allow you to put on makeup every day. This palette has 18 different shades, which allow you to have creamy and matte finishes, as well as metallic shadows. You will have a deep black color that you can even use as a precise eyeliner if used dry.

This palette has a reformulated range of shades with the introduction of new metallic shades and comes with a large mirror so you can use them anywhere. All its shades are rich in pigments, and offer a creamy touch. It is recommended to apply with the brush to obtain a blurred finish, but if you want a more intense effect you should use your finger or a moistened brush.

This palette of shadows has very good reviews from other users, stating that "all the shadows are very beautiful and have really fantastic colors." They also highlight that "they have a great pigmentation, and you will have a great selection to achieve a wide variety of looks". There is no doubt that this palette is perfect if you want to have professional finishes in your makeup, with the tones you are looking for for your eyes.

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6. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Eyeshadow Palette Norvina Eye Shadow Palette

It is a very complete palette that has 14 quite striking colors that range from mattes to soft pastel shimmers. They have a formula of full pigments and that is very easy to mix, in addition to including a double brush. In its case you will find a large mirror that will allow you to use them anywhere.

They are perfect for both wet and dry use, achieving endless looks that are perfect for both day and night. In addition, they have a great performance because you will only need a little to get the look you want. Thanks to its wide variety of shades you can give free rein to your imagination and create simply unique combinations.

According to what other women who have already bought them say, these "have good pigmentation, quality and are very easy to blend." On the other hand, they also highlight that "they are high-end palettes with great quality in shadows, and for the price they are worth it." This palette has some very striking shades that are very easy to work with and really unique finishes.

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7. TOO FACED Just Peachy Matte Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has some very refreshing tones that allow you to have a very nice makeup for a striking look. It is a perfect palette for the summer, when you want to look perfect, although you can also give a warm touch to your looks during the winter. This is a palette that has intense colors, and a great fluidity that you will not find in any other eyeshadow palette.

In any case, you can give free rein to your imagination thanks to its 12 different colors of creamy tones. They all come scented so you can achieve truly unique and unparalleled finishes. In addition, when using them you will realize that they are very pleasant to the touch, so it is an option that will allow you to achieve unique finishes on your eyes.

There are many users who affirm that these palettes are of very good quality, saying that "they have colors that are very easy to combine and use on a daily basis, with a rich peach aroma." They also state that "the colors are beautiful, with very nice tones and well pigmented". This makes this palette a great option for you to achieve a very striking look.

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8. URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Palette Born to Run Pallete

If you are looking for one of the most complete palettes on the market, there is no doubt that this is a great option for you. You can have a total of 21 different shades of shadows, and you can take them anywhere. This is because it is a palette that has a compact design so you can carry it in your bag, so you can use it wherever you go.

You can have a matte, intense, nude look, or some really striking and unique tones. It is a palette that will undoubtedly adapt to your style, and with its 21 different shades it will allow you to create a unique style for your eyes. They are perfect palettes for both experts and beginners, because it is very easy to use. The application of an eyeshadow base is recommended so that you can achieve the longest possible duration.

Among the opinions of those who have bought it, they state that "it has a large number of colors in different finishes." They also say that "it offers great pigmentation, as well as great versatility with beautiful colors that blend perfectly." It is a great option that you can take into consideration so that you can achieve unique finishes in all your eye makeup.

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9. Beauty Glazed Matte Eyeshadow Palette 01

In case you are looking for a cheap eyeshadow palette, this is a great option for you because it has a total of 35 rich and trendy shades. These allow you to create totally modern, avant-garde looks and unleash your creativity. They are made of highly durable ingredients that allow you to wear an attractive look throughout the day.

They have a soft and delicate powder texture, with a very pleasant mixture that will highlight the appearance of your eyes. It is perfect to achieve both a natural finish, as well as a wedding, party or informal makeup. In addition, its price is one of its main attractions, because you can have quality shadows without having to pay more money than necessary.

As for the opinions of those who have bought it, they affirm that "it is magnificent and you will be able to get just what it promises with a very good pigmentation". They also say that "they are perfect if you don't like powdery palettes, and they have very vibrant colors." There is no doubt that this palette will be a great alternative if you want to save money on your makeup.

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Which eyeshadow palette to choose: tips and advice

Buying an eyeshadow palette can be quite simple, as long as you keep in mind a few basic points. In this way you will be able to make a totally correct decision and choose a palette that completely adapts to what you are looking for:

Choose the shades that go with you

You must bear in mind that so that you can have shadows that completely fit what you are looking for, you must assess which are the tones that best suit you. To do this, you can review your photographs and thus be able to determine if warm or cold palettes will suit you better depending on what you are looking for.


Usage is another critical aspect, especially since you need to know when you want to use it. There are many women who limit themselves to day or night, but you must keep in mind that you must choose a palette that suits your day to day. You may want to give your eyes a lot of light or wear some smoky tones for a romantic makeup. In any case, you will have to choose the one that best suits your daily needs.

Evaluate different options

You must find a palette that is perfect for you, especially since you can choose from different options on the market. You should always choose a palette that perfectly suits your needs, and you can evaluate the reviews of other users, because then you can know how good they are.

In any case, you should always choose eyeshadow palettes that you feel good with, and this way you will get the shades that you will actually use. It will be useless to have an eyeshadow palette with 100 colors if you are going to leave 90 unused, because it will be a total waste of money.

How many colors should a good eyeshadow palette have?

You must bear in mind that when choosing a good eyeshadow palette it will always be better to choose quality versus quantity. This is because you will appreciate it when you can have a good concentration of pigments and that you can achieve simply incredible looks.

In any case, you may be attracted to the color palettes with more variety because there are 50 color palettes that are quite striking. But you must keep in mind that you will never spend all of them, and many of them will not favor you at all.

For this reason, at most you should choose a palette that has 20 colors, which will be more than enough. However, there are palettes of 8 colors that will give you a great capacity to combine them and thus achieve everything you are looking for.

Always prioritize the quality over the quantity of the colors, because I assure you that you will be able to achieve a better eye palette in this way. In any case, with a well-chosen palette you can feel very pretty without having to worry at all about having more shades than are really necessary.

What is the best eyeshadow palette brand?

You must be clear that it is not necessary to spend all of a month's salary on a palette that allows you to obtain a great result. However, not all brands are the same and it is well worth investing in a brand that offers you great finishes in your makeup.

One of the best brands that you will find in the market is undoubtedly HUDA BEAUTY, which has a wide range of options to choose from. In addition, these palettes stand out for having great pigmentation, as well as great durability, and very striking color combinations.

There are also other brands like NYX, which will offer you great performance and you will be able to achieve great results. On the other hand, you can also find low cost popsicles, which are highly valued by many consumers, but they are not as good as popsicles from a recognized brand.

For this reason, when choosing your eyeshadow palettes, it is best to choose ones that have a better quality and that offer you a unique finish. You may have to invest a little more money, but the truth is that it is totally worth it to have a makeup that suits your needs.

Best makeup influencers to learn

In the world of makeup there are many influencers that you can follow so you can learn new techniques and make yourself some innovative looks. However, we are going to meet the best ones so you can make sure you receive the best advice:

Patrick Jordan

She is one of the influencers that you cannot stop following because she will offer you advice on beauty, fashion, makeup, among many more. She is a Spaniard who was born in Gerona and studied aesthetics, hairdressing and image aseria. She has several channels on YouTube, and has more than 12 million subscribers between her beauty and sports channels.

Huda Kattan

She is about a blogger who currently became an entrepreneur in the world of beauty. By 2013 she launched her own line of cosmetics Huda Beauty. She is at the 37th place in the list of the richest women in the world, and she has managed to create an empire worth admiring, and you can find many useful beauty tips if you follow her.

Anabel Dominguez

She is another Spanish influencer who is especially dedicated to Instagram, and she publishes all her work as a makeup artist, where you can be inspired to create your own makeup. She also has a YouTube channel, where she shares all the helpful beauty tips you may need so you can have some truly unique makeup looks for any occasion.

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