13 beauty products with Latin DNA that you should include in your routine

13 beauty products with Latin DNA that you should include in your routine

13 beauty products with Latin DNA that you should include in your routine

En el marco del Mes de la Herencia Hispana repasamos 13 marcas (y sus historias llenas de tradición y amor familiar) creadas por latinas para latinas.

Por Lauren Valenti13 productos de belleza con ADN latino que debes incluir en tu rutina 13 productos de belleza con ADN latino que debes incluir en tu rutina

In the beauty products industry the impact of Latinos is evident.And as every year, in several countries of the world the month of Hispanic inheritance is commemorated, a way of paying tribute to the whole history, culture and contributions that Hispanics have left there where they have had to migrate.It is also worth mentioning all those rituals and traditions that Latin women have preserved for centuries, from generation to generation.

With this previous context we are surprised that the beauty industry in the United States hardly represents this important community, both for its significant growth in recent decades (from 50 million in 2010 to 62.1 million in 2020.It is estimated that in 2050 30% of the population will be of Hispanic descent);as for its rich cultural impact.

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"In the beauty industry, the Latin population overweaves consumption levels, but are not properly represented," explains Margarita Arriagada, founder of Valdé Bapty, who believes that what will finally move the needles in the market will be the largest brands and the largest brands andDistributor companies, when they adopt a more proactive approach and manage to immerse them in Latin culture and better understand their nuances.

"We are seeing an increase of Latin entrepreneurs in the world of beauty because they do not feel represented, so they are taking the matter in their own hands," he continues."There is no unique size for all of us".And Sonsoles González, founder of Better Not Younger, agrees."Hispanic businessmen do not receive much attention, but I would love to see that more investment funds would be allocated to their companies; when that happens, we will see more beauty brands directing, properly, to the Latin market".

A greater representation is also essential to fight against erroneous beauty ideals that have dominated the industry."The Latin community has a lot of purchasing power in the beauty industry, but in general'", explains the pop superstar Becky G, who launched its Treslúce Beauty line during the summer."We are not a monolithic group and we need more diverse representation of our community and that brands develop products for our diverse needs.".

While there is a long way to go, hair brands, makeup and skin care founded by Latinos are capturing everyone's attention and, in turn, are revitalizing the industry."I wanted to create a brand that could fill the void in the market with something that authentically represents our multidimensional demographic group: the Latinx, and that the cultural wealth of all would be held," explains Babba Rivera, founder of the care brand for theHair ceremony.

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13 productos de belleza con ADN latino que debes incluir en tu rutina

Rivera wants ceremony to become a leading brand in its category and that helps other companies and entrepreneurs to understand the complexity and importance of today's Latin consumer.At the same time he works to create a business that serves as a reference for future entrepreneurs who come from minority groups.

By creating his own brand, Becky G also wanted his beauty products to be an inclusive ode to his entire inheritance."Everything, from the name of the brand to the colors and formulas of the products, were inspired by my inheritance," he explains."Our mission is to amplify Latin beauty and diversity, with the aim of promoting and influenceing the understanding and acceptance of our culture".

Under the spirit of celebrating the beauty of Latin and the changing power in the industry, here we leave you 13 brands with incredible beauty products, founded by Latinxs that you can support today and forever:


Ceremony is inspired by Latin traditions and rituals with which Babba C Rivera grew.The debut product of the line is Moska oil, a scalp oil inspired by a tested and original treatment of the Dominican Republic, which restores and condition the scalp to achieve softer, stronger and thick hair.

Treslucé Beauty

The Mexican-American pop superstar, Becky G, launched its threelúce Beauty makeup line during the past summer last summer.Since then, the brand, which is an ode to its Latin inheritance, has been widely received by its bright neon pigments, designed for curls and with magnificently illustrated packaging in a collaboration with the artist of Mexico City Mónica Loya Loya Loya."Treslúce celebrates not only my Mexican-American roots, but also the Latin inheritance and the needs of the beauty industry in general," he says."We have various nationalities, cultures and ethnicities, and I took this into account when developing the line".

Valdé Beauty

Founded by the former Commercial Chief of Sephora, Margarita Arriagada, the Valdé Beauty brand, focuses on creating "clean" lipsticks and pays tribute to her late mother, a Peruvian woman who loved to give her lips a daring crimson touch."It was like a glamorous armor," Arriagada explains.Designed to last a lifetime, Valdé's rechargeable lip.

Better Not Younger

Después de 25 años trabajando en marcas de cuidado del cabello para Procter & Gamble y L'Oréal, la emprendedora venezolana Sonsoles González decidió abrirse paso por su cuenta y lanzar Better Not Younger, una línea de cuidado del cabello que atiende a mujeres mayores de 40 años.The entrepreneur always looks for ways to support the Latin community, which is why more than 50% of González's team is Hispanic.

Tata Harper

For Tata Harper, they were every day that happened in his grandmother's house by practicing beauty rituals in his native Barranquilla, Colombia, which aroused that passion for personal care and, in turn, for skin care.Since the launch of its homonymous brand in 2010, its luxurious and consciously elaborated products, from the regenerating cleaner to its rejuvenated mask, have instantly converted into cult classics.

Curls curls

Inspired by her own experience with the curls, the Mexican-American Julissa Prado, raised in Los Angeles, is the founder and executive director of Curls curls.She set out to formulate a range of hair products with "clean" origin that will adapt to all textures in the rhizos spectrum, thus creating products with a variety of nutritious and rich ingredients such as aloe vera so repairing and oilDe Moringa that undoubtedly strengthens all the hair.

Kiss me cosmetics

Returning to the golden days of Hollywood, but with more innovative formulas, Kesame Cosmetics was founded in 2004 by the historian in cosmetics Gabriela Hernández, who emigrated to the United States from Argentina when he was 12 years old.The line pays a tribute to its glamorous grandmother and its products have become essential thanks to their highly pigmented lipsticks, the coloretes and for their stunning packaging of the old school.

Curls bomb

Created by the defender of Afro-Dominican beauty Lulu Cordero, Pump Curls is a hair care line that takes care of all types of curly hair of its community, maintaining healthy curls, with volume and constantly growth.Your cult product, Forbidden Oil, is in fact of pure coffee beans and castor oil;And the deep conditioning mask contains raw cinnamon, pistachio and cupuacu butter.

Ere Perez

Ere Perez was born in Bondi Beach, Sydney, and he was very inspired by his childhood years in his native Mexico to create a line of natural makeup and skin care.In Mexico his grandfather was a famous healer and his mother always cooked home remedies.From the beet dye for cheeks and the relaxing multi -mush papaya jam balm, their products provide the maximum natural shine.

Rebel Queen

The fervor of the Mexican businesswoman Regina Merson for everything related to makeup began when she was a girl and devoured the chapters of the wild pink soap opera, while seeing her mother prepare for a night of girls.With this passion and pride for its cultural identity as Latin, its Rebel Queen makeup line has quickly become one of the favorites of the moment.His vivid colors and packaging, the traditional illustrations of Pin-Up American tattoos reinvent, and at the same time evokes their Latin roots.


In association with his son, the artist David Foot, Marianella Febres-Cordero launched the Marianella beauty brand, well known for its divine fragrances in face care products and the body with a lot of Venezuelan inspiration.The line is inspired by all Marianella's experience when growing soaps and beauty products in her grandmother's kitchen.


The secrets behind the characteristic brightness of the influencer Camila Coelho have been bottled in their new ELALUZ beauty line.The products of the influencer and entrepreneur, such as its Beauty Oil and its final finish spray takes advantage of all the clean and high performance ingredients of its native Brazil.

Rare Beauty

As Mexican-American, Selena Gomez has won her Latin roots in much of her creative work, from her music to her Rare Beauty beauty line, which promotes inclusion and encourages self-love with an inspiring message and her proposal to achieve aBeautiful skin, as well as cheeks and radiant eyes.

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