The 30 best anti -cellulite creams

The 30 best anti -cellulite creams

The 30 best anti -cellulite creams

How many times have you spent money on an anti -cellulite cream and have not practically noticed what is key for them to take effect?"For an anti -cellulite cream to take effect, it is importantDirector of the Rocío Escalante Beauty Center.

As this beauty expert adds, as soon assummer".But, as it emphasizes, it is important that they are used all year if we want to see results.The best time to use them?After the shower and Escalante advises, in addition, a slight exfoliation 1-2 times a week.

"For the cream to be effective, it has to be accompanied by a massage," says Rocío, adding that, in addition, "we can take oral supplements, especially when it comes to cellulite that is accompanied by fluid retention".As this expert says, “it is true that anti -cellulite do not solve all cellulite, but they do help improve the appearance of the skin.But they cannot be used only in summer, you have to use them all year as part of the daily routine ”.

How to choose a good anti -cellulite cream

According to this expert, it is important to take the product based on how our cellulite is."For soft cellulite, a reaffirmant anti -cellulite is ideal, for edematous, a draining anti -cellulite," he recommends."A good anti -cellulite cream for me is the one that is adapted to the type of cellulite that we have to treat and, of course, have scientific studies that support its effectiveness".

As Escalante says, "Logically creams come to where they arrive".So its recommendation is “to improve its results with apparatus such as INDIBA or LPG, or treatments such as asseotherapy, which activates the lymphatic system and has a drainage effect, helping to eliminate fats and toxins, and reducing cellulite;or timber, whose maneuvers also favor drainage, avoiding fluid retention and shaping body contour by reducing accumulated fat deposits ”.

"I always say that cellulite must be attacked from different fronts, and anti -cellulite creams are only one, the others: diet, exercise and treatments in a professional center," says Escalante.

The 30 best anti -cellulite creams

Due to the quality of its ingredients and its visible effects on cellulite and skin, this is our selection of cosmetics to combat cellulite.

Slimming Oil de Sarah Becquer

Sarah Becker

Anti -cellulith oil and dry touch drain and with a sweet orange surround aroma.Enriched with botanical extracts, drain, decongests and improves the appearance of the skin with celultitis.€ 155


Intensive Glauscine Crema


From Institut Esthederm, this anti-cellulite cream stimulates the release of fat combustion, inhibits adipocyte formation and produces an anti-grass effect.€ 45.


Golden Radiance Body Oil

Freshly Cosmetics

100% natural body oil that concentrates in a perfect balance the 12 best vegetable oils and natural technologies to nurture and hydrate your skin, reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars.The perfect combination of natural ingredients and assets so that the skin looks like always radiant!€ 19.50.


Booster Slim Drone de Skeyndor


It enhances the anti -cellulite and remodeling effect on body care cosmetics.30 days formula to soften orange skin and reduce the contour volume through the action of two cosmetics drones (reaffirmant drone and anti -cellulite drone).Ideal for orange, volume and sagging skin.Mix in the hand care product with a booster dropper and apply twice a day.Not recommended in pregnant women, infants and people sensitive to caffeine and derivatives.€ 39.75.


Celucombat de Amy iyök

Cesar Ordoñez

Las 30 mejores cremas anticelulíticas

Organic formulation anti -cellulite that fights fluid retention and dilutes fat adipose nodules that accumulate on thighs, buttocks and belly.Improves the appearance of celluliutis after continuous use and with healthy lifestyle habits.It has reducing, reaffirming, draxing and detoxifying properties and an immediate lifting effect.€ 105.


Gel-Crema Slim Drone de Skeyndor


Body cream with remodeling action that normalizes the appearance of the orange skin through the action of two cosmetic drones® (reaffirmant drone and anti -cellulite drone).Ideal for orange, volume and sagging skin.Apply tomorrow and/or night carrying up ascending massages in the sense of circulation until its total absorption.Contains caffeine and derivatives.Not recommended in pregnant women, infant mothers and people sensitive to caffeine and xanthines.€ 45.90.


Crema Anticelulítica Reductora de Druni


With caffeine, it helps reduce localized fat and remodel the figure, improving the appearance of cellulite.€ 2.99.


Crema anticelulítica de Endor


Body cream that uses hyaluronic acid to reverse cellulite.What is noticeable? 30% reduction in the orange skin aspect in just 28 days, 50% more firmness and deep hydration that ends dry legs.€ 55.


Firming Yuzu Body Oil

Alma Secret

A nutritious, reaffirmant and anti -cellulite body oil for all types of skins, even the most sensitive.Formulated with 18 vegetable oils and a vegetable seaweed complex that improve elasticity and skin tone, repair, reaffirm, fight cellulite, sagging and stretch marks.€ 22.50.


Fucoxense TM Firming Action Body Cream

Alskin Cosmetics

Body cream with fucoxense tm that outlines, remodel and smoothes the skin.Its continued use improves hydration, firmness and skin elasticity.Of soft texture and easy absorption, with refreshing effect that provides smoother skin.€ 45.


Cellutox Active Body Oil


This sumptuous bodily purifying oil contains juniper to stimulate the most turned off and yellow spino systems to blur cellulite and get a more toned appearance.Its pleasant lemon fragrance leaves body and mind refreshed.€ 50.


Guam Fangocrema


This light and fast application cream acts against cellulite in an energetic and precise way thanks to the properties of guam algae combined with exclusive plant complex.It contributes to the skin an "active heat" and acts quickly and effectively, even against the most persistent dimples.€ 43.50.


Sepai V6.2 Cellulite


Extract to add to your body cream that fights and prevents cellulite thanks to a combination of anti -cellulite extracts and a tripéptid that captures the by -products of lipid peroxidation, improving the effectiveness of the rest of the components to prevent maturation of adipocytes.Relieves at the moment the sensation of heavy legs.€ 69.


Skin Clinic Crema Anticelulítica

Skin Clinic

It contains assets that act against cellulite improving, after a slight massage, circulation and drainage of accumulated liquids.Its reaffirmed assets improve skin elasticity, decreasing orange skin.32.€ 50.


Defined & Fit 24 H de Germaine de Capuccini

Germain de Capuccini

Anti -cellulite of generalized action that counteracts the natural state of body metabolism depending on the moment: day or night.Formulated based on plant extracts and marine plankton whose combination is able to avoid the accumulation of triglycerides in adipocytes.€ 29.90.


Celulex Gel Anticelulítico


It provides the skin with a soft and flexible appearance, increasing elasticity and reducing orange skin.Its specific active ingredients, such as Asian spindle or seaweed, facilitate drainage, restructuring and toning of tissue.€ 44.95.


Dreambod Corporal Cream de Tuderma


Remodel the silhouette, improves microcirculation, tensing the skin and conditioning it thanks to its lipolytic, drainage, stimulating circulation, reaffirming, moisturizing and antioxidant action.Fight cellulite and orange skin.Gel texture and fresh floral aroma, € 49.


Body Sculptor Casmara


High cosmetics suitable for all skin types.Reduces localized fat, eliminates orange skin and avoids its appearance, reaffirms the skin.The results are visible in such 15 days.Recommended price € 39.78.


Redumodel Skin Tonic

Avance Cosmetics

The efficacy of this anticelulite is based on its multi-active formula that acts on the different causes of cellulite: it activates the reduction of fat nodules and fluid retention, acts on the lack of firmness and elasticity, and stimulates microcirculationcutaneous to recover smooth and soft skin.Of advance cosmetics.Recommended price € 7.95.


Complexe Anti-Capitons de LPG


Its assets (contains an exclusive slimming complex LPG) favor the release of fats and smoothes the appearance of cellulite.Particularly recommended in case of adipose cellulite.In vitro clinical tests (Sesderma test) have shown that stimulates the lipolysis or decomposition of fat + 86.5% and reduces the appearance of mature adipocytes -93%.In addition, it visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite and orange skin.€ 56.74.


Envoltura de Barro Siberiana corporal Anticelulítica

Natura Siberica

This wrap stimulates blood circulation and accelerates the metabolic processes of skin cells to combat and make cellulite less visible. Precio recomendado 19,€ 50.


Slim & Fitm Farma Dorch

Farma Dorch

Oral body anti -cellulite and reaffirming treatment endorsed by specialists in plastic, repairing and aesthetic surgery.The key to its success is that the assets it contains focus on 5 goals directly related to cellulite treatment.€ 59.


RF Body Slim de Masderm


Cellulite and localized fat decreases.Suitable to be used in all types of skins, even the most sensitive, providing maximum hydration and feeling of well -being.Demonstrated efficacy in buttocks, hip, abdomen and arms.37% cellulite has proven to reduce and reduce the perimeter 3.8 cm.For professional or home use.€ 23.99.


Aceite corporal Oil 910 Body Sculptor de Glo


Natural anticellolithic and reaffirming oil formulated to reduce localized fat, orange skin and sagging.Ideal for gut and legs.It fuses 6 essential anti-cellulite effect oils and fat burned with an innovative active Bio-Tech clinically tested as an activator of lipolysis and regenerator of skin cells.It is absorbed instantly and does not stain clothes.€ 59.


Masajeador anticelulítico Glo 910

Glo 910

Powerful anti -cellulite and reducing action lipomasojeradora.100% natural technology.Non -invasive.Visible results.Designed as an effective therapy to stop the cellulite process, restore proper venous and lymphatic circulation, and eliminate fat nodules that form orange skin.Its powerful engine reproduces manual professional massage with the necessary strength and constancy, without producing pain.€ 299.


Celluhelp de Eiralabs


Celuhelp is a synergy of natural compounds that act in order to reduce both cellulite and body weight.The functional properties of its components are safe and well known.Celuhelp Cream has 3 actions in 1 treatment: anti-cellulite care day-night, reductive cream and reaffirmed.€ 40.91


Crema anticelulítica reafirmante de Babé

Laboratorios Babé

With lipo-reductive and lipolytic action that helps prevent cellulite formation and orange skin while reaffirming tissues.The synergistic action of its highly concentrated anti -cellulite assets, together with its massage system, mold the figure.In addition, it stimulates the elimination of accumulated fat, and favors microcirculation.€ 22.50


Intense Orange Lotion de Khoi


Intense moisturizing lotion that reaffirms your skin and stimulates the combustion of fats with the natural caffeine concentrate, Asian scintillation and fucus extract.Cucumber extract and ginger enhances the natural processes of toxins elimination and improve circulation.Jojoba oil, coconut oil and orange oil provide hydration and skin nutrition.€ 21.95


Jabón anticelulítico y exfoliante de algas


This Natural Olimed soap activates circulation and favors the elimination of dead cells and from the fold skin.Natural 100% of cold artisanal elaboration, with great exfoliating and refreshing power.€ 10


Revuele Slim & Detox


Anti -elulitic gel of intense action that sculpts and improves the general aspect of the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.It acts in two stages, an initial with heating effect and a second with cooling effect, which increases metabolism favoring the assimilation of active ingredients and eliminating toxins.It also improves blood microcirculation achieving a lifting effect.€ 2.95.


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